100WC T4W5

Through the pet flap, into the house, onto the tables. Oh no, they see me, I probably could just sneak another cracker into my pocket and the footsteps are getting louder and louder, I see them. Why isn’t this fitting into my pockets, if only I had a shrink ray? I’m caught, only if it was a bit smaller I probably fit it into my pockets, only a tiny bit smaller, the pockets have been emptied so for the 9th time, I’ve came back empty handed. This is the most stressful game I’ve ever played!


A Cinquain is a short and easy to write poem. It has twenty two syllables in total and there are two in first phrase, four in second, six in third, eight in fourth and two for last.



evil and bad.

dying other people.

being a evil murderer.

hate it.




fun and easy.

excellent to be learnt.

even though I have three syllables.

in last phrase.


A teacher was teaching year 4,

who let the children do the chore,

he is very lazy,

but also very crazy,

when his kneecaps get very sore!


whenever I was drinking coke,

my pencil would suddenly broke,

whenever I’m hazy,

I become very lazy,

even though I’m a fine little bloke!

Dan writing #3

I was brought to the lieutenant this morning and he said I disobeyed an order, I think that is not true because the dog was not ours, it was the natives. He said that I get a good night sleep tomorrow for that I will get flogged in the morning.


The next morning I followed Goodwin and the lieutenant told Goodwin to build a triangle in the middle of the forest, while I was helping Goodwin Waruwi came along and he was holding something in his hands. I received the thing that waruwi was carrying an to my big surprised it was a puppy.


After a while a soldier handed the whip to the lieutenant and just as I was about to get whipped I showed the captain the puppy and told him that a puppy is way easier to train than a fully grown dog and I did not disobey an order.

Dan 1

Dan came back from an expedition and the captain asked me “was that a dog following you?” I replied “yes sir.” The captain yelled “come on boys, we’re getting a dog, a hunting dog.” One of the soldiers followed me to keep me safe, a rattle sound came. “Ssssh” said the soldier. I asked “what?” The soldier told me to go in the trees and I ran straight to Waruwi. “Waruwi, Waruwi, Waruwi!” He jumped down from the tree. I told Waruwi their coming to take Lara but he wouldn’t budge because of the language difference. When he saw the men coming he hid behind the tree. Then I bring Kara to camp. Then Waruwi launched an attack on the camp because he wants Kara back.

…but when I looked behind me…

The party I made is tomorrow and I’m so exited! I invited all my friends and this party is going to be awesome! The party is a surprise party, and whenever they look behind them they get surprised. The first kid that came is my best friend Jack and there was a sign saying “look behind you” and but when I looked behind me jack disappeared! It turned out to be that he saw snacks and he was hungry. This went on and on until everyone was there and the party was awesome, just I expected!

My place 1788

We went down the river to go fishing, Burani said

“you stay up here and wait for…”

and before he finished I argued

“but I wanted to go fishing!”but he argued back

“I’m better at spearing fish, and I can find the best fishing spot!” So we had a dance off.


I ran like the speed of a emu and bam, it was guessed. Next I hissed so like a snake that it immediately guessed. Then I put up the ears of a wallaby and it was guessed in a snap!


Then it was Burani’s turn, he flapped his arm like a mysterious animal that had never been discovered before. He shrugged and went on running about in the place then he asked

“ right, so who won?” He had a murderous glare like he will murder you if you don’t pick him. They decided to pick Burani because I won the dance off! Boys are disgusting!

100WC T3W4

The cars is coming closer to shore, and I have to stop it! I tried blocking cars with cars but it only stopped the first layer and it enlarged the wave. I thought of an better idea! The rocks I have back home can probably stop the humongous wave of the cars but the rocks are all too heavy for me to lift them so I got some of my friends to lift the huge pieces of rock to block the cars. The problem is can we set up the giant wall before the wave comes?

This guy is having a bad day!!

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